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国际知名组织本地化行业标准协会(LISA)将于明年3月在北京举办2008LISA亚洲论坛。论坛主题为“Outsourcing Globalization and IT Services To China”。 以下是LISA发布的论坛信息:

LISA Forum Asia 2008

China Focus

Outsourcing Globalization and IT Services To China

Just a few years ago China was a global manufacturing center and a growing market set to become a leading global economic force, but few saw it as a leader in the provision of information services. This has all changed: China has gained increasing recognition as a regional center for technology development, globalization, and business ventures, and it is now on the cusp of being seen as the leading center in the world for new technology ventures and emerging global brands. China is fast becoming the place for quality-conscious manufacturers and designers to turn for resources. We have only seen the start of the trend to go to China for end-to-end services.

CHINA FOCUS 2008 will build on the themes from last year’s conference: improving localization quality, the consequences of increased Chinese prominence in global markets, and content creation for international markets. It will address how Chinese companies can take advantage of the major business opportunities created by China’s emergence as an international market leader and how companies looking to China for comprehensive globalization-related services can best achieve their goals. It will also deal with issues of how to manage growth in China and how to find and keep qualified staff in a competitive market.

LISA has an unmatched record in China and strong ties to the Chinese standards communities, manufacturers and developers. China Focus 2008 is the place to be if you are doing business in China and need to understand the issues that will impact you or if you are a Chinese company looking to understand how to move out of China and onto the world stage.

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